Individuals and Households - Our role is not to take over feeding pets.  It is to make owning a pet more affordable.   What clients really need, is human help.  So many people ask for help for their pets, not for themselves (especially Baby Boomers and Veterans).  So we ask partners like non-profit agencies, and churches to distribute our pet food with their other services as a reward for people working to help themselves to a sustainable lifestyle.

Special Projects

Veterans - We cannot do enough for our beloved Veterans in Arizona, so we join with the Arizona's Veterans Stand Down to make sure they have pet food and leashes collars, toys beds, jackets, etc.  We also join with other agencies such as Soldiers Best Friend for PTSD dogs, Dogs on Deployment for those who have to serve overseas,and Pets for Patriots just to help Vets get pets and other services  to keep their pets healthy.  In 2016 our goal is to add veterinary services to our resources.

Disabled Populations with Service dogs - We are fortunate to be given a signification amount of grain free high quality pet food and treats which we in turn give to the owners of service animals as administered by non-profit agency Happy Tails Service Dogs (who validate the need and who teach functionally disabled people to work with rescued service dogs.

Domestic Violence victims - frequently will not leave their pets behind, for fear of retaliation on the pets by the Abuser. In addition of offering such victims assistance for their pets through their caseworker, we are willing to support any Domestic Violence Shelter with pet food and other pet items

Terminally Ill Patients - we work to help keep pets with dying owners to the last minute by providing Joshua Tree Pet Assistance Program  pet food.

Educationwe provide free material and classes to help people have their pets for longer periods by teach health, safety, disaster and emergencies. We find people will do for their beloved pets what they wont do for themselves, they find when they have learned to  keep the pet safer, they can better take care of themselves.

Political  Advocacy/Education for Animals  We join other agencies with helping the people of  Arizona  to learn how to effectively speak for the Animals in laws of this state.  In 2010 Arizona was 32nd in state rights of animals, in 2014 we had moved up to 8th!

According to the 2021-2022 APPA National Pet Owners Survey,

70% of U.S. households own a pet, which equates to 90.5 millions homes.

Isn't it ALL a Disaster?

  • To lose one's house or job,
  • have a catastrophic illness or accident,
  • find that a lifetime of savings has disappeared,
  • not leave an abusive spouse because one cant take the beloved pet,
  • to return for serving our country and feet that the only one who loves you unconditionally has 4 legs and a tail?

Coalitions and Partners - We start in communities by partnering with coalitions where people come to get human help.  This is the fastest way into hard to reach communities is to work with other agencies,  so people can get help quickly.  United Ways Project Connect, Hopefest (Prescott, Tucson and Phoenix who had 25, 000 clients in 2014) and Arizona Veteran's Stand Down, are just a few ways that we reach out to help pets and their owners!

Rescues/Shelters-  Since 2010, our nonprofit has received   $3,353,752 of your donations prior to the pandemic, in pet food and pet items from the community, of in-kind donations and cash.  Of this, we gave an average of 70,000 pounds of pet and veterinary food to Rescues around the state. While rural rescues are always the priority, especially in the corners of Arizona, we support rescues, as resources are made available to us, focusing on summer time and the winter holidays when activity shuts down as described below!

Call 602-909-7153 for more information on this program!