Note: we may be modifying  operations as a 501c3, at any time, due to risk to our high number of medically frail and senior volunteers that we have, and the higher risk vulnerable clients served, we will continue our services through our Medical Response Corp (FEMA)  operating under Arizona State Health 's direction.

Please download the items highlighted in blue, verify which human food is safe for pets as the supply chain for pet food may be interrupted.

Opened as Needed: 7 days/week through the Corona Virus Disaster!

 Text or Call: 602-909-7153 for current status or

Click Google map link here to get Pet and Human Food help.

Be sure to call first, to make sure our partner agencies, currently have pet food.

>If you have run out of pet food, learn which human food is safe for your pet,    Clients, please download a pdf copy below for emergencies like the current Covid-19, 50 State National Disaster:

Our Coalition Partners

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Business & Community Support,

You have given us $3,353,752

In-kind Pet Food/Items and

donated cash for all 

15 Counties in Arizona since 2010 ~ Thank You from all that you helped!


NEWS: Empty Bowl Pet Food Pantry is moving from agency name to become a department, as we re-organize and broaden our services to include humans in disasters with other department partners joining us! 

We now have 2 divisions.

 "Animals and Humans in Disaster, inc!" is our agency name! under  IRS  # 01 0975325,  Arizona Corporation Commission made changes,now, we wait for the IRS to make their changes! 

FRAUD Prevention  ALERT:   How to prevent fraud against You and Us, Please go to the page "Board Leadership"for more information.

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Need More Human/Pet Help?  211 is a partner too!

Contacts for all our Agency Departments

All Departments are linked for more information:

> Agency Administration: this page 602/909-7153

> Pets and People, Arizona Magazine: (formerly Phoenix Dog Magazine) 602/418-8939

> America RU Prepared:  Vulnerable Populations, Individuals, Families, Neighbors602/530-4929 

>Cooperative Collaboration Coalition: Supporting new, rural, startup Non-profits, Businesses, and Groups.  602/616 -9866

>P.A.T.C.H.E.S (Protecting Animals Through Community Housing, Education & Support):  Facility for overflow shelter resources in the Valley of the Sun.  480/789-2320

>Avian Alliance: Educate and help our feathered companions

> Empty Bowl Pet Food Pantry: Mobile Community Programs in Arizona through their pets, helping people in crisis. 602/909-7153

Member,\Governor Doug Ducey’s  Arizona Citizen Corp Council/FEMA

​ This program was created to educate, train and provide personal, corporate or volunteer opportunities to make communities safer, stronger, better prepared to respond to disasters of any kind.

Please join our meetup group to be informed, prepared, and involved in your community in Arizona!