Did you go through a disaster and have pets?

 People who have been througha disaster such like a single family or fire or a community wide ever such as a wildfire or flood, can get help from our disaster assistance program.

A referral from the American Red Cross, the Fire Department, Crisis Response team or other Emergency Responders, are eligible,

Why do we have a  "Maricopa County Citizen's Corp" inside our 501c3?

When the Arizona Central Region Citizen's  Corp dissolved in 2015, we saw a gap that was needed to be filled with "citizens" who stood to lose the most, rather them professionals, whose plates were already full with helping people. ​  Most Citizen's Corps, have a focus on having Professional Responders/Rescuers and high energy, healthy. well off politicians, professionals, citizens involved. We refer people who wish to get involved who have  high energy  to CERT, MRC and other response groups to those located in their city (or nearby).

Most importantly we could not find a government home for the Arizona Central Region Citizen Corp Council and we could not modify that council because the bylaws were too strict.

The critical time, is in the early stages of disaster, 

Our focus is education on evacuation and the other decisions within the first hours of disaster response, and to build relationships with local community:~churches, schools, small businesses with paid or volunteer staff, who don't even know they are required by OSHA law (1910.35-38),  to have these plans in place and practiced!  

  • What about the Grandmother with Alzheimers, with her cat,~the one thing that keeps her grounded and connected, or the young boy with Autism with his doggie that keeps him calm                                       but isn't a service dog? 
  • What about seniors, families who care for ill or injured at home, functionally disabled (27% in Arizona are functionally disabled, up from 25% the previous year)
  • Parents with  very young children and more, with pets and service dogs?                                                                  70% of families have at least one pet!  (Thank you Wag Magazine, for this fact from the 2022-2023 survey by the APPA  National Pet Owners!) 
  • For further preparedness information go to READY.gov ​ or for training  for our                      Medical Reserve Corp  text or call 602-909-7153.​​

Please write to us on our "contact us" page to let us know you are interested in helpng  from your bed, wheelchair, home, group or business in your block or communty; and watch the following site for current  Disaster news:


Please have your pet's medical information and other pet details on a google doc account incase your Vet is affected by a disaster too, so that there is a record of any tests, evaluations and prescriptions!