Agency Program~ Dog and Cat Food Help

Click on our Google map link here to get Pet Food help.
Be sure to call first to make sure our partner agencies,to make sure that they currently have pet food.Some agencies are better at calling us when they run low then others.

  • WE  are a need agency, not an income based agency.

This means that a person does not need to be on food stamps, access or other government based programs.  We work to have at least one agency in each community. Rarely,we have to partner with an agency that is an income based agency because that is all that is available that is willing to take pet food to give out.  If you learn of another agency that is willing to partner with us, Please call 602-909-7153 with contact information if you know of one, that will work with us.

>  Agencies that give out our pet food have a pink icon., call them to make sure they have not run out of pet food. All our agencies have human food as well. as other human services.

> Other agencies are a  green icon call them for further information

Program  for Service Dogs

We are fortunate to receive donations of grain free pet food.  27% of Arizona citizens are functually disabled and that number is going to cntinue to grow as 80 milion Baby Boomers now are moving into elderly years. We partner with Happy Tails Service dogs which trains rescue dogs and them owners for no cost  to have assistance animals that meet ADA guidelines. For those people who are facing challenges in this area, call Happy Tails Service Dogs at
(623) 580-0946 or
Mail: One West Sequoia Dr, Phoenix, AZ 85027

Program for Veterans
We also return the gift of freedom to our Veterans, as this group moves into their senior years from WWII, Vietnam and Korea, and new veterans try to asimulate back into our society after being changed emotionally, mentally. and physically through adding to their health through pets and service dogs, including PTSD dogs.
We are a service provider with the Arizona Veterans Stand Down and are greatly expanding our services in 2016-2017. Please refer to our Veterans Page for progress resports and program status.

Program for Chronically Terminally Ill
Joshua Tree Pet Assistance Program, assists pet owners facing financial challenges as a result of HIV/AIDS. Cancer and/or other medical conditions, in keeping the promise they made to their pets to love and care for them forever. They distribute our pet food, provide information on accessing no-cost & low-cost animal services and raise awareness through inspiration and teaching of humane treatment of animals in the community.  

Contact them at their website  at Joshua Tree Pet Assistance Program
214 E Willetta St, Phoenix, AZ  (623) 295-9952

Program for Traditional Disaster Victims

In the same way the American Red Cross helps humans, we help the pets. From a single family home fire to community disaster response, we respond with backup needs and support to local efforts!

Text or Call 602-909-7153 for immediate help.

We recognized that without heling humans, we couldn't help pets since according to the APPA Pet Survey , 65% of families have at least one pet. Add that to the fact that 27% of Arizona citizens are functionally disabled and the simple fact of evacuation  suddenly becomes complex.

In 2016 we formed the Maricopa County Citizens Corp, out of our agency:
> Maricopa County Citizens Corp > >

On 2/22/2012, we formed a animal Medical Response Team out of the Arizona State Health Disaster Department \. when there is a response call out from the FEMA/Arizona State Emergency Management Division, we are part of that response.Having this unit housed in our 501(c)3, allows use to prepare and respond without government constraints beyond the basic needs.

To join our team: Arizona Emergency Animals in Disaster,

To participate in FEMA/State response:


To just help out locally:


To Stay on top of Arizona current disaster  events:


Its NOT what you think!

At Hopefest, only FIVE Percent of the almost 25,000 clients who attended, were "traditionally homeless",    the other 95%, were people who were struggling with health, age, disability, or economic problems

Program for Domestic Violence

1) Many times, abusers will start with pets before moving on to the people in their family.

2) These abusers also often will hold beloved pets (and children) hostage to keep their victims within their reach.

Recognizing that this is a complex problem that requires extended support, our agency is prepared to partner with any agency  working with domestic abuse situations to create animal shelters, pet food, pet items and more.  If you are a committed volunteer, a shelter who is looking to expand care to include beloved pets, call us at 602-909-7153.