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We are so lean,  financially.

We elected in 2012, to NOT have an administration building.  Instead we have storage places for the convenience of our volunteers to obtain the pet food and disaster items.

The Valley of the Sun is over 165 miles across,  with 4.7 million population, and not counting the rest of Maricopa County).  

Arizona itself is 89% rural country.

In 2015 we discover that even through our in-kind donations were continuing to raise, with out an increase in cash to support our efforts we cannot get supplies to the outlying areas of Arizona!  We can only hold them here in Phoenix where we have donated storage, and when money  becomes available, then respond, leaving animals to suffer until and when we can get there.

We have several ways for you to contribute cash:



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Cash Donations

Mailing  Address: 

Animals and Humans in Disaster,                  610 E. Bell Rd . Ste 2-271, Phoenix, AZ  85022

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